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I think see looks fine

I think see looks fine 1

Span classnews_dtsep 29 2015spannbsp018332you look so fine artist garbage album garbage i think im paranoid duration 340 garbage you look so fine live later.

I think see looks fine 2

Anyone else think they look fine but get called ugly on a regular basis selfforeveralone when i look at myself in the mirror id see a normal looking guy i dont think myself as a ugly guy but when i see a picture of myself selfie and what not i will go into a shock on how ugly i am and the reality is people around me see me as i.

I think see looks fine 3

Why do i look good in the mirror but bad in photos update cancel answer wiki 100 answers ilina simeonova founder youre going to think you look much better in the second photo go ahead and try it i do it all the time how can i see what i really look like some mirrors make me look really thin and gross while other mirrors make.

I think see looks fine 4

Span classnews_dtjun 14 2008spannbsp018332what does it mean when a guy says you look fine even though you spent hours getting ready putting on makeup and looking pretty i dont see the problem with it if a girl takes an hour or less to dress up and put her face on 3 hours is a little excessive but maybe she just enjoys putting makeup on its a lot of fun.

I think see looks fine 5

Span classnews_dtaug 10 2006spannbsp018332what does you look fine supposed to mean page 1 of 1 call me shallow i dont care im just probing here for info but what exactly is.

I think see looks fine 6

So when you look at a family photo or group shot everyone else looks as you expect them tothe way you see them every day but you dont your face is the wrong way round to what you are.

I think see looks fine 7

I know i look finebut no one can see my pain people may see me shift around in my seat a lot trying to alleviate the aching and thats not even always the right word for it because sometimes its stabbing throbbing or pulsating in my neck back shoulders arms hips and legs but they may think im just restless.

I think see looks fine 8

I think see looks fine 9

I think see looks fine 10

I think see looks fine

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